The quality of topsoil in your garden is vital to ensuring your plants, grass and flowers grow, and ensuring your topsoil survives the rough weather conditions we see in the winter months is vital.

The preparations made in Autumn will be vital to ensure a quick repair and regrowth of your garden in the spring, so here are some tips to preserving your topsoil in the winter months.

Aerate Your Lawn

As people and animals use your lawn, the soil on top can become compacted, and the more it is compacted, the less oxygen there is to help plants absorb water and to ensure that the nutrients in the soil reach the plant roots.

Ideally use a plug aerator and make sure you run over the entire length of the lawn.

Afterwards, fill the holes you make with compost or topsoil to help preserve it.

Add Mulch

soil mulch is a loose covering or sheet that is placed on the soil surface to help it retain moisture and shield plant roots from the extreme cold of winter.

Use a biodegradable mulch such as compost, wood chippings or seaweed to protect soil and gradually break down to release nutrients into the soil.

They are best applied by the end of Autumn.

Avoid Soil Run-Off

Soil erosion and runoff, where water sweeps away large quantities of topsoil is a major issue and is the biggest risk to a lawn in winter. Plant shrubs and trees along the edge of your garden, as it acts as a natural barrier to keep your topsoil in your garden.

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